About Us

Sensocon, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 2005 to fulfill the demand for new and innovative products in the areas of differential pressure, air velocity, and air flow. In the beginning, a major goal for the company was to bring Differential Pressure Gauges to the digital age. Sensocon, Inc. succeeded early on by releasing a family of Digital Differential Pressure products to compete with the lower cost differential pressure gauges. The Series A Digital Differential Pressure Gauges and Controllers have since become a price competitive alternative for mechanical differential pressure gauges.

With the early success of these gauges, Sensocon, Inc. has continued to move forward in innovation to meet its customers’ needs. Sensocon, Inc. now offers a variety of products and services including Air Flow Probes and Measuring Stations, a variety of Differential Pressure Transmitters, and the ability to customize logos. As technology continues to advance, the need for new products in the areas of differential pressure, air velocity, and air flow continues to change with it. Sensocon, Inc. is committed to meeting these changes by utilizing advancements in Technology and Design to bring superior Quality, Accuracy, Performance, and Value to its products for its customers.

At Sensocon, Inc. we strive to develop long-term customer relationships and pride ourselves on not only quality products, but also quality customer service. We are ready to meet your specific needs from special packaging, to micro modifications, to start from scratch projects. Please contact us with any questions or requirements regarding your specific application.