Air Velocity & Flow

About Sensocon® Air Velocity and Flow Products

There are different technologies available to measure air velocity and flow and they are available from Sensocon. The first technology involves measuring velocity pressure to calculate velocity and then flow and the other technology offered by Sensocon® uses a “hot wire” to measure the cooling effect of air flow moving across the sensor.

Measuring velocity pressure requires some type of flow sensing device such as a Sensocon® Airflow Probe, Sensocon® Airflow Station, or pitot tube and then a differential pressure measuring devices. These types of air flow sensors have 2 independent ports that actually measure total pressure and static pressure. The two pressure signals are then taken to a differential pressure device which gives the velocity pressure reading (total pressure – static pressure). The calculation of the velocity and then flow can either be done manually, built in to the differential pressure device (such as the Sensocon® Digital Differential Pressure Controllers), or calculated by a PLC or other programmable device.

The Sensocon® Series VTP Air Velocity Transmitter utilizes an advanced version of the hot wire anemometer technology. Most air velocity transmitters that use this technology have a very thin, delicate wire as the major sensing element which can be easily damaged by particulates or water. Sensocon® uses a stainless steel armored sensor that results in reliable measurement in conditions that would otherwise damage the sensor.